634-636 Smith St. Residence [ Atlanta, GA ]
Multi Family Home 
509 Fletcher St Sw Residential Demo  [ Atlanta, GA ]
Shady Valley Park Ball Field Renovation NE [ Atlanta, GA ]
2950 Waters Rd SW -Wishing Well Apartmens --BEFORE

Other projects Mack's Hauling has done 

*Shannon Mall Project-Union City, GA
In Charge of all of the trucks hauling off the old Union Station other words (SHANNON MALL)

*Wedgewood Chase Estate-Riverdale GA
clearing and grubbing and spreading gravel on road. 

*Doctors Professional Bldg on Panola Rd.-Decatur, GA
putting in serivce lines, sanitary lines, water lines, clearing, grubbing, and service roads.

*Perry Town Homes on Perry Blvd -Atlanta, GA
putting in sanitary line and rip rap.

Vine City -Atlanta, GA
where we cleared, grub, hauled in dirt, seed, straw 
and stop the flow of standing water
2950 Waters Rd SW Wishing Well Apartments--AFTER